8 Ideas for Leading the Next Generation

Any leader working with the youth of America can attest to the fact this generation is different than all others before it. Today's youth speak in a language we don't always understand, run circles around us wi...

Becoming a Great Teacher

  Should youth ministers consider themselves teachers?  The short answer is 'Yes'.  Spiritual Education is exactly that – education.  I have yet to meet a youth worker in which some form of spiritu...

The Power of a Multi-Year Curriculum

For youth workers who love teaching and want to be more effective, a quality multi-year curriculum is the most powerful and best-kept secret in youth work. Discover it, create it, live it and enjoy it for years to come.

Navigating the Worldview Tug-Of-War

When I told some of my friends that I would be attending a meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers at Westmont College, their responses fell into three basic categories: • Horror: "What? Why? That ...

A Christian Allegory For The Gaming Generation

When you hear people mention “Angry Birds” or “Pokemon Go” or “World of Warcraft,” are you familiar with them? Your children certainly are. Within a week of release, Pokemon Go already had more t...

Hitting a (Teaching) Home Run

The conversation would be similar each week as I walked through the plan for that night and it would always end the same before I left the office.  I be would asked about my lesson.  Each time I would hear th...