7 Ways to use Evernote in Youth Ministry

At first glance Evernote is a pretty simple app. You can take notes, insert photos and even record audio but however you use this product you can find ways to be a bit more productive in your ministry.

3 Steps For Connecting With Parents

Ice cream and garbage, that was our lesson for the night. Some of the students went to get ice cream cones while the rest of us picked up litter as part of our adopt-a-park service project. It sparked a great ...

Don’t Pigeonhole Students

While on vacation, my extended family and I went boating, something I have fond memories of from childhood vacations. As is often the case when extended family gathers, as we sat around the beach, people star...

Mission Adventure

I learned about adventure early in life. It pretty much happened because I had a boat. That might sound weird unless you grew up on an island as I did, but that boat gave me a kind of freedom as a fourt...

Poking Angry Bears

  She was the golden child. The person we point to as the example of all that is good about the church and youth ministry. She was passionate about following Jesus, deeply committed to serving others, an...

Essential Partnerships in Youth Ministry

If we aren’t careful the pace of student ministry can crowd out the most crucial partners that we need for effective ministry to students. Here's a list of the essential partnerships you need to have at your church.
Constructive Criticism

The Illusion of Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism. How's that for a contradiction? It sounds like a good concept of course, a more or less neutral way of delivering negative feedback. In reality, constructive criticism is often only the...