Seek What God Wants

The programmatic model is focused on activity, particularly those that will attract youth. The missional approach is focused on ministry, continually asking, “What is our mission, and how do we follow it?”

3 Reasons Why My Parent’s Bible Bored Me

The Bible often lays dusty in our hands and in the hands of our kids (and parents), but it shouldn’t. My prayer is that it will come alive – come alive in our hands and in the next generation we serve.

Two Ways to Make Better Decisions

Hindsight is always full of wisdom. Looking back, we all have decisions we regret, choices that didn't work out so well. And let’s face it: in youth ministry, we are bombarded with choices, constantly have ...

Dear Youth Worker

Dear Youth Worker, I wanted to take a moment to say, “You are doing a great job.” My daughter loves coming to your group and she has friends there. I love that she loves to come to church. I truly apprec...

The Story I Wish I Could Change

I can’t change my story, but I can leverage it for the good of the Kingdom. My life has been tragedy free for the most part. But one season of life makes me quiver inside just reflecting back upon it. Let me...

The Wilderness of Delays

We’ve all experienced times of s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s. The Scriptures uses a particular language, terms that are deemed necessary during times of delays. Waiting.