Helping Parents Engage their Kids

  When scuba divers are down deep, it is easy for them to become confused and disoriented. Since water diffuses light, divers often find themselves surrounded by illumination, making it difficult to dis...

The Wilderness of Delays

We’ve all experienced times of s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s. The Scriptures uses a particular language, terms that are deemed necessary during times of delays. Waiting.

3 Steps For Connecting With Parents

Ice cream and garbage, that was our lesson for the night. Some of the students went to get ice cream cones while the rest of us picked up litter as part of our adopt-a-park service project. It sparked a great ...

Parenting Like A Pastor

    As a youth worker for the past twenty-five years I feel like I’ve seen it all. Well, almost. And what I haven't seen I’ve experienced first hand as the son of two youth workers. The sadd...

Mission Adventure

I learned about adventure early in life. It pretty much happened because I had a boat. That might sound weird unless you grew up on an island as I did, but that boat gave me a kind of freedom as a fourt...