Ping Pong Ball Hunt

This game is an active game that combines many activities. We came up with about 45 different activities for the kids to do and gave them all different point values. For example: Sing Jesus Loves me - 1 p...

Baked Bean Relay

Everyone is split into 2 teams and each person gets their own straw. They then have to suck up a baked bean from a large bowl using the straw and take it to a cup a certain distance away. The first one that fil...
M0000870 Roman instruments, spoons, forks etc.
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Roman instruments, spoons, forks etc.
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Tune Up

This game will require some creative preparation and listening.  For the setup, acquire at least a dozen objects that make various sounds. These objects could be small bells, or spoons, or some variety of holl...

All Knotted Up

This fun (yet simple) indoor game is perfect for smaller groups or while riding on a bus.  Beforehand, purchase some inexpensive shoe laces—one for each student—and create a series of knots in each shoe la...

Duct Tape Tennis Shoes

For this game you will need several rolls of varying colored duct tape—same colors for each team.  You will also need some old pair of tennis shoes that can be purchased from Goodwill or another second-hand ...
Night Flashlight Trees Forest Winter Moonlight

Hide the Light

Supplies needed for this game include two flashlights (or more for larger groups).  Divide the teenagers into two teams, with each team occupying a separate room or space in a single hallway.   This game is ...

Christmas Sculptures

Visit a local dollar store and purchase low-cost Christmas supplies for two or more teams.  Items could include strings of lights, bags, tins, boxes, sacks, or any other Christmas-related things.  Purchase so...

Christmas Sweaters

This game is a spin-off of the traditional “ugly Christmas sweater” competition.  Invite the teenagers to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater for this competition, but ramp it up a notch by supplying the ...

Fruitcake Party

Christmas is a time for many traditions, and one of these has to be proverbial fruitcake—the one that no one wants to eat.  This is a fun game to include in your annual youth Christmas party.  To begin, pur...

The Human Christmas Tree

For this game, each team will decorate one of its own members as a human Christmas tree using the following: crepe paper streamers, paper ornaments, face paint, color markers, masking tape and a paper star tre...