Same Team

Somewhere along the way, lines of demarcation developed between parental spiritual guidance and youth ministry discipleship. Parents would subconsciously think, or even overtly say, “You’re the professional; fix my kid.” Youth pastors would counter with, maybe subconsciously or even overtly, “But I’m with your kid only two percent of each week; whereas you…” Both are … Continue reading Same Team

Youth Group Devo: Living an Authentic Life

Quick Backdrop Most of us don’t set out to be liars; we don’t wake up and ask, “How am I going to lie today?” We are much more subtle and nuanced. Sometimes lying just sort of creeps into our decisions. The What Lying is certainly a big deal to God. Bearing false witness is number … Continue reading Youth Group Devo: Living an Authentic Life

Make the Most of the Present

Have you ever noticed how we’re constantly looking toward the next stage of life? It seems to start about fifth or sixth grade, because it’s then when we start to notice middle school. Of course, as soon as we hit middle school, we’re itching for that first year in high school. Then we can’t wait … Continue reading Make the Most of the Present

Praying the Lord’s Prayer

Perhaps the most formative prayer of the church is the Lord’s Prayer.  In Catholic tradition this prayer is know at the “Our Father”.  Many congregations pray this prayer every week.  Some Christians pray this prayer daily.  And I know that in our staff meetings, we often use the Lord’s prayer as a way to lift … Continue reading Praying the Lord’s Prayer

10 Minutes in God’s Word: Grace in Action

The most effective tool that we have is how we react to life.

Easter Discussion Starters

Need some Easter discussion starters? We’ve got ’em.

I’ll Disappoint You

Justin Bieber Mulls who to Follow…and Why

Youth Group Devo: Modeling Jesus Is Easier than You Think

How closely are you able to walk in Jesus’ footprints?

Devo: Searching Questions

Asking good questions can be far more beneficial than arriving at quick solutions. Sometimes it is important to take the time to reflect on our questions before acting.

Youth Group Devo: Building a Muscle of Self-Denial

How can you practice the discipline of looking after the interests of others before your own interests?