6 Truths to Remember During Hard Times

The great theologian The Dread Pirate Roberts said, "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." We've all gone through difficult times, and unexpected difficulties still await ...

Give Away Your Leadership

We lead people. That is what we do. More often than not, the term pastor in our leadership role in youth ministry is interchangeable with words such as leader or director. In fact, that might be the title t...

Managing Exits

If you spend even a short amount of time in youth ministry, you quickly discover one recurring theme is that people are leaving you all the time. If you're a middle school minister, you say goodbye to your eig...

Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do

What do we do with the stuff we don't want to do? Everyone—whether grade school student, college student, first-time mom, mailman, telemarketer, professional athlete, CEO or youth pastor—from time to time ...

We Lost a Senior Higher

Whenever there is a change in church leadership, we face one of the difficult truths of youth ministry; the church inevitably “loses” their juniors and seniors.

Seek What God Wants

The programmatic model is focused on activity, particularly those that will attract youth. The missional approach is focused on ministry, continually asking, “What is our mission, and how do we follow it?”

3 Reasons Why My Parent’s Bible Bored Me

The Bible often lays dusty in our hands and in the hands of our kids (and parents), but it shouldn’t. My prayer is that it will come alive – come alive in our hands and in the next generation we serve.

Be Lazy

I have a weird piece of advice for you. Be lazy. Okay - of course I don’t mean like legit lazy. There are 10% of you that might actually be lazy, and you people need to get off your butts and get to work. ...

Helping Parents Engage their Kids

  When scuba divers are down deep, it is easy for them to become confused and disoriented. Since water diffuses light, divers often find themselves surrounded by illumination, making it difficult to dis...