Click It

Purchase  an inexpensive clicker or small noise-makers from a local dollar store.  Use the clicker to play this fun and captivating game.  To begin, ask each person in the group to find a partner.  Then, on...

What’s Missing?

This fun game can be played without any setup or prep.  To play, invite every teenager in the group to place a personal item into a common pile.  Items could include shoes, ear rings, belts, socks, necklaces,...

Noodle Relay

Here’s a fun and gooey twist on a traditional game.  Cook several pounds of pasta, cool, and then place the pasta in large containers filled with cool water.  Create your own relay games using this pasta mi...

Game: Roll Out

For an energetic relay game, try Roll Out. Essentially, two teams will compete against each other for time, with members of each team taking turns rolling across the mats before tagging the next person in line.
Pizza_with_tomatoes (1)

Pizza Doh Ray Me

For a fun indoor activity, that also ends in a treat, try this twist on pizza.  Purchase ready-made pizza dough (these come in tubes in the refrigerated section of your grocery) and toppings.  Make sure you h...

Stop Laughing

Players sit in chars in a semicircle. One player faces them holding a playground ball. On a signal, this player throws the ball into the air, lets it bounce once, and then catches it. While the ball is in the a...

Kangaroo Relay

Teams form columns. The turning line is 20 feet from the starting line. Each lead player holds a rubber playground ball or similar object. It might be a balloon, a block of wood, or a beanbag, but it should be ...

Rooster Fight

Within a circle about eight or twelve feet in diameter, two players take a squatting position, with arms crossed in front of their chests. The object is for each person to try to force his opponent out of the c...

Sort Me

This is a fun way to create teams for other games—especially with large groups or for games like softball, kickball, etc. Choose two people to serve as captains of their respective teams and inform them they...