Jim Burns
Gospel Light, 2011, 207 pp., +CD-ROM, $34.99

In the world of youth ministry, Jim Burns’ reputation precedes him. He is known for his excellence and expertise in training youth workers and equipping families to do ministry. The newest addition to his Uncommon Series is no exception to that excellence. He skillfully equips student ministries with all the tools they need to plan and implement successful mission and service projects.

This leader’s resource starts with a section called the groundwork in which youth workers are informed about the biblical mandates and the important benefits of being engaged in leading students through service opportunities. After those initial 36 pages, the resource shifts gears and offers a myriad of ideas, plans, checklists and more. It also helps you estimate the abilities of your group and the organizations with which you might be able to partner.

In addition to the book, included is a CD-ROM with an abundance of reproducible PDF files to be used in the planning and implementation process.

Especially if you are new to planning, but even if you have been doing the business of student ministry project management for a while, you will find the tools offered here to be of the highest quality and significantly beneficial to the administration of your ministry.

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