Dr. Jeff Baxter
Zonderkidz, 2012, 208 pp., $9.99

The college years can be defined in so many ways, but often are not known for spiritual growth. If you have read the statistics or any of the numerous articles floating around the Christian community, hope for our graduating youth group students seem bleak. The Ultimate Guide to Being a Christian in College is a book that is written to hopefully change that.

Jeff Baxter in his newest book, The Ultimate Guide to Being a Christian in College, does not hold back. He writes a complete and thoough guidebook for those headed off to college or who already is there. Divided into three parts, this book goes right to the issues at hand: identity, decisions and belonging. You cannot sum up the struggle of the college years any better. Each of the three parts provides seven powerfully packed chapters of wisdom and Scripture. The book systematically works through the personal, spiritual and campus life of being a Christian in college. I cannot think of anything that was not covered. I applaud this book’s definitively focused style.

Having recently just stepped away from a couple years of walking beside the college ministry of our church while still working as a middle school pastor, I honestly can say I wish I had this book then. It is, of course, a great graduation present; but I can see this easily translating to a group study. Each chapter is full of content and Scripture and includes thought-provoking questions at the end of each. As you pray for your graduating seniors and college students, follow up those prayers with this book.

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