Study of the Book of James – Overview


In our virtual reality world, truth can be hard to come by. So many distractions and deceptions vie for our attention that we can sometimes find ourselves lost and confused. But there is one thing that trumps them all, one thing that will set us on the right course every time: The unchanging, unwavering, everlasting authenticity of God. When we truly encounter God, we cannot come away the same. True faith is the result of that encounter, a faith that changes lives from the inside out.

The Book of James is chock full of guidance for living such a life of true faith. Over the course of 13 weeks, this study will take a closer look at key scriptures that challenge, protect and inspire Christians of all maturity levels. Each lesson includes an overview, a Biblical passage and questions for discussion. The goal is that, no matter who you are or where you are in your walk with God, you can find a deeper understanding of his life-changing power and learn to experience authentic faith in fresh ways.

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Session One – James 3:13 — Resolutions
Session Two – James 1:4 — Perseverance
Session Three – James 2:2-4 — Judging by Outward Appearances
Session Four – James 2:18 — Faith in Action
Session Five – James 3:10-12 — Power of the Tongue
Session Six – James 3:15-17 — Wisdom
Session Seven – James 3 and 4 — Practicing Presence
Session Eight – James 4:14-17 — Living in the Light
Session Nine – James 5 — Money and Misery
Session 10 – James 5:9 — Our God and Judge
Session 11 – James 5:12 — Let Your ‘Yes’ be Yes and ‘No’ No
Session 12 – James 5:16 — The Prayer of the Righteous
Session 13 – James 5:19-20 — As Iron Sharpens Iron

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