In 2008, Mark DeVries wrote one of the best youth ministry books available in the field, Sustainable Youth Ministry. This book influenced churches all over the country with a sound theology and understanding of the workings of youth ministry. The practical tools and insights that DeVries provided have increased the effectiveness of many local church youth ministries. In April 2012, Youth Ministry Architects published The Sustainable Youth Ministry Study Guide as a companion to Sustainable Youth Ministry. Created by Abram Kielsmeier-Jones and Mark DeVries, this study guide is the perfect companion to the book and is ideal for training a leadership team and developing partners and key stakeholders in youth ministry in the local church.

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones has been in ministry for more than a decade, and I have had several opportunities to collaborate with him and sit in on some of his staff meetings and trainings. He values discipleship and leadership and takes great care in training and developing leaders, parents and students while nurturing their relationships with Jesus. It is exciting to have a youth minister and developer of leaders of this caliber writing the study guide for Sustainable Youth Ministry. He implemented this study guide as he developed it. This work is not just a compilation of theoretical ideas; it is practical, and its value has been proven in the field.

The Sustainable Youth Ministry Study Guide is a 13-chapter, downloadable PDF book that follows the outline and structure of Sustainable Youth Ministry. The study guide breaks down the chapters into easy to understand chunks that convey the main ideas of the book for time conscious parents, ministry leaders and volunteers. The questions asked in each of the chapters help leaders determine how best to apply the book and its insights to their unique ministry context and to think critically about youth ministry. The suggested prayers at the end of each chapter help to focus the readers on the Sustainer Himself. The study guide is easy to read and to follow and is consistent in design, layout, structure and quality.

Sustainable Youth Ministry is a must-read for every youth minister and pastor, and I highly recommend The Sustainable Youth Ministry Study Guide as an addition to the book to help train parents, ministry leaders and volunteers in the local church. I am very excited for the impact this tool will have on youth ministry when coupled with Sustainable Youth Ministry.

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