THE GAME: Gather the group in a circle. Teach the group a steady rhythm to repeat the entire game. For example, slap thighs twice, clap hands twice, and snap fingers twice — once with the right hand and once with the left. Let the group practice: slap slap, clap clap, snap snap. Instruct participants to pause briefly between each movement to keep the beat steady and not too fast.

Once the group masters the rhythm and movements, appoint a starting person to say his name on the first snap and someone else’s name on the second snap (or also point their snapping fingers at the person whoe name they’re calling.) The person whoe name is called must then say her name on the next snap and add someone else’s name to the follow-up snap, keeping the rhythm going.

Tell the group that the goal is to continue the pattern without changing, stopping or missing a beat. If a player fumbles and says her name on the wrong beat or fails to call another name, she moves to another spot in the circle to help ensure that players are really learning names and not simply matching a name with a spot. Play can continue indefinitely.

ASSET CATEGORIES: Support, Empowerment, Constructive Use of Time, Social Competencies

Source: Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages

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