Proverbs: Studies on the Go
David Olshine
Youth Specialties; 2008, 169 pp., $8.99

Not quite prepared for the devotional time with your students tonight? Need a ready-to-go resource for your small-group Bible study? Grab Proverbs, the second release in the new Studies on the Go series from David Olshine, and your Bible study or devotional time is at your fingertips.

Covering the entire Book of Proverbs, each chapter offers a brief overview for the leader, discussion and application questions, a practical activity and seven days’ worth of quiet-time passages and reflection questions for students. While the content and applications could be adapted for use in a large-group setting, this resource is best in a small-group setting where participants are interested in an in-depth discussion of Scripture.

Finally, a practical, useful and intelligent study on Proverbs that doesn’t talk down to teens!

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