Leave a Footprint: Change the Whole World
Tim Baker
Zondervan, 2008, 160 pp., $9.99, www.zondervan.com

Leave a Footprint gives confidence to high school students, not only in who they are, but in what God thinks of them and desires them to accomplish. Teenagers are full of excuses for why they aren’t doing something. Baker asks questions that can inspire them to be free of excuses and start living lives that will leave a legacy.

There are a lot of books with a similar mission of finding out a teenager’s unique design and encouraging him or her to use his or her gifts for kingdom work. The strength of Baker’s Leave a Footprint is that it takes that same motivational mission and pushes it to a global scale, emphasizing how following our dreams can impact those who will follow after us in the next generation. If your students can take the precepts seriously, this could make a serious difference.

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