This lesson/game will help to create an Easter atmosphere in your youth group. Use Matthew 28:1-6 as your biblical reference, with special attention given to the earthquake that accompanied the resurrection of Jesus.

Bring in several old newspapers for this game—enough so each teenager can have a section of paper for him or herself. Read the text aloud, then invite the teenagers to take a section of the newspaper and look for evidences in our modern world of God still being at work and still changing lives. You might ask questions such as:
• Where is God still shaking things up?
• How might God be using some of the events in our world to bring us closer to Him?
• What new life or change is God creating in our world?

Kids are creative, and answers to these questions can be found in the sports section and classified ads as easily as they can be found in world news or community events. Offer at least 15 minutes for each student to find a news story or point, then invite each to share as you have time.

This is an excellent lead into worship and can take the place of a game or devotional as you begin to think about Easter and the meaning of resurrection or new life.

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