The Children’s Way Foundation today announced the launch of their virtual world and curriculum that will engage and teach youth like never before. With young children now flocking to the Internet, there is a need for safe educational sites offering strong values. Woogi World has become the leader in educational virtual worlds, and this innovative site brings back the fun and excitement to academics. Kids will learn and apply critical skills to ensure their future success in this ultra-competitive world. Woogi has created a partnership with K-6 students, parents and teachers by offering a unique tool for a modern education.

With more than one million children dropping out of school each year, we need effective tools to solve our nation’s educational crisis. America’s current system needs a face-lift and Woogi World has become part of the answer by getting children excited about learning again! “Woogi World is becoming a trusted partner in schools and homes, and is the only kid’s virtual world that is actively improving our education system,” said founder Scott Dow.

The innovative site will be launching new programs throughout 2008, providing visitors something new with each visit. Partnered with several national corporations like Studies Weekly and Walden, they will feature a Woogi Music Club, Math Club, Science Club, Writer’s Club, Reading Club, as well as offering a book-f-the-month program with special access codes and so much more for academics. This new type of learning is embraced by kids as they go at their own pace, while having fun and staying within the national and state curriculum standards.

Woogi World also offers a safe environment for kids to get connected, socialize and keep up to date on current news. While their online chatting and built in chat dictionary-filter with parental controls helps build kids’ character, their “Every Kid Votes” campaign engages children and encourages them to participate in the political process with online voting and a Civics Adventure. It even provides the opportunity for them to interact with kids from around the world, teaching diversity and embracing others with differences. Woogi World and its partners will have a daily opportunity to engage millions of elementary kids, teaching them what they need to know to eventually become the good stewards of our society. Woogi World is our children’s future. Come see what the buzz is all about!

The Children’s Way Foundation and the Woogi World program offer “Training Wheels for a Balanced Life in the Real and Digital World.” The site engages kids grades K-6 and shows them how to balance their lives through educational resources online and offline. Woogi World empowers them to embrace the best of the Internet while avoiding the worst. Woogi World also offers motivational adventures designed to strengthen the bonds between family, friends, and community and establish a meaningful leadership experience in real-life community service activities.

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