ym360 is giving away five Christmas devotions for students from the Christmas story as told in Luke.

Objective: The Christmas story is the turning point in all of history; but sometimes if we admit it, students don’t give it the importance it deserves in their lives. Maybe it’s because they’re too familiar with it. Maybe it’s because they haven’t taken the time to really look closely at it and what it has to teach them. Whatever the case, they seem to miss the fact that the story has a ton of powerful application for their lives.

The purpose of these devotions is to help your students recapture the importance and power of the Christmas story.

How to Use: Consider emailing these devotions to your students, or print them and hand them out at your next youth group gathering. You also could text the link to your students so they can access the devotions on their smart phones and/or post the link on Facebook for your students to access.

Follow this link to the ym360 blog to download the free devotions!

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