3lb. Soul is an alternative Christian rock band and an outreach ministry all wrapped into one. Wide ranging musical styles … from acoustic worship to rowdy alternative/punk rock reach diverse audiences, but primarily those affiliated with youth ministry.

Every show is molded to uniquely fit its venue. We can be crazy and jump around and even mosh for youth and college groups, or settle down on stools in a cafe to a quieter, more casual audience. Our goal is to minister to the souls we play for in the fashion their hearts need to hear the message. We will not compromise the truth, and unless specifically requested not to, we usually do a short acoustic act even in the middle of our rock concerts, and introduce a brief time of testimony and prayer before we rock out or finish a show. We are however more than happy to respect any venue’s preference, so feel free to tell us if you would just prefer the music. We believe the words in the songs speak for themselves.

Our sound is straight Seattle alternative/modern/ rock meets punk, but testimony-, worship-based lyrics. The songs were written in such a way that you can hear our hearts poured out … naked and honest in the music. People listen to what they think sounds good, and has a good hook. Combine that with a story the world can relate to, and you have the audience members’ hearts. These songs are catchy, but most importantly they have a strong spiritual-, Christ-centered message in every metaphor and rhyme to encourage even the toughest souls to let go and let God.

You can find us playing for youth groups, in youth facilities, and at youth detention centers. We play for the U.S. military bases, shelters, and prisons. Festivals such as Freedom fest, X Fest, Grace Fest, the Puyallup fair, and even cafes work for us as we pretty much play wherever God gives us a gig.

We are available locally and nationally, however, please allow at least two months to book national gigs. We work with Grace Town Records, J2 Entertainment, and The Music Insider non-exclusively. If you want a band with slammin’ tunes but real meat in the message, we are the band for your event.

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